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A rich and dynamic student life is unfolding on Himes Avenue, with abundant opportunities for Jesuit students to grow as leaders and as “Men for Others.” Jesuit's director of student activities, Austin Freeman '02, oversees some 50 clubs and activities that reflect the diversity of student interests and student life on campus. On any given day, you will find numerous groups meeting, planning, and organizing – artists, actors, engineers, athletes, technology buffs, statisticians, pro-lifers, environmentalists, community servants, debaters, Latinists, altar servers, writers, editors, photographers, videographers and many more – students exploring their interests, honing their talents, and becoming leaders engaged in the world, young men with growing self-confidence, learning to put their talents at the service of God and others.

See the Jesuit Clubs link in this section for the list of club opportunities for Jesuit students.