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Student Retreats

At the heart of Jesuit’s Campus Ministry is our annual retreat program, whereby students take an honest look at their lives, better understand where they stand before God, and find motivation for further growth in the interior life.

The standard retreat program for freshmen is a yearly day of reflection with the entire class on campus. Sophomores attend an all-day retreat off campus in smaller groups. Juniors attend a three-day, two-night Kairos retreat. Seniors have the option to attend a father/son retreat or a silent retreat. A retreat each year is obligatory.

This retreat was originally developed in 1965 and the word "Kairos" means "Lord's Time." In our busy and noisy society, Kairos gives these young men a chance to meet God in silence. It is a prayerful and reflective time where students are able to get away from their normal cares in order to learn how to hear the voice of God in their lives and discern God's movements. Some of the key themes are: knowing yourself, discovering Jesus in a personal way, prayer, responding to the call of Christ, and living out the calling that Christ has on our lives. Retreatants are led to a deeper experience with Christ, through prayer, liturgies, talks, and discussions. This retreat has been known to be one of the most memorable and powerful experiences Jesuit students have in their four years. It has been a way for students to deepen their faith, grow in the confidence that they are indeed loved, and solidify their bonds of brotherhood. Kairos is a living example of the motto of St. Ignatius of Loyola that "Love is shown more in deeds than in words." Please pray for our young men and their leaders, that they are able to hear the voice of God.


Seniors have the option of attending a Father/Son Retreat or Silent Retreat. The Father/Son Retreat is an opportunity for fathers and sons to grow closer to each other and God and to grow in their own manhood. Openness and honesty give God fertile soil to cultivate growth. The Silent Retreat pairs the student up with a Spiritual Director who assists the student in hearing the voice of God in silence and recognizing God’s movements in their lives.


All Juniors attend a Kairos Retreat. Kairos is the Lord’s Time. This retreat challenges the students to recognize God’s presence in their lives, to respond to that presence, and to grow closer to his classmates as brothers. Talks and small groups are led by the peer ministry team.


The sophomore retreat adds to the students' understanding of what it means to be a man of God. Sophomores have several dates to choose from for this retreat, and the group size is much smaller than the all-class Freshman Retreat. Sophomores are asked to examine their values and an ideal, in light of God’s calling on their lives. They are also challenged on their notion of friendship and the type of friend that they are to others, as well as the effect their faith has on their relationships. Talks and small groups are led by the peer ministry team.


Each fall, all Jesuit freshmen participate in the annual Freshman Retreat on campus. This retreat introduces freshmen to the first two words of our Alma Mater – freedom and brotherhood. This is done through a series of talks and small groups facilitated by the Jesuit High School peer ministry team.