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Zipoli Organ Scholarship

Jesuit High School's Zipoli Organ Scholarship, founded in 2018, is named after Domenico Zipoli, S.J., the Jesuit composer, organist, and missionary of the early 18th century. 

Zipoli Scholars each receive an award of $2,000 in tuition assistance; approximately six months of professional organ lessons to be paid for by Jesuit High School; and the opportunity to play the organ for weddings in Jesuit's Holy Cross Chapel, for which the organist will receive an appropriate stipend, as determined by the school wedding policy.

To maintain this award each year, a Zipoli Organ Scholar must fulfill the following criteria:

  • participate faithfully in the program of lessons as determined by the music department
  • be available to play at student Masses and other liturgical events held in Holy Cross Chapel during the school year
  • maintain satisfactory academic and disciplinary standing

Each year, Jesuit selects its Zipoli organ scholars based on a juried competition. Those who wish to apply for the 2021-22 Zipoli Organ Scholarship must email their intent to Jesuit's music director, Nina Wegmann, no later than April 29, 2022, with their name, current grade, years of piano experience, and indicate if they are currently taking lessons and who is their piano teacher. Mrs. Wegmann will email back specific instructions for applying via video.

2022-23 - Andre Botero '23, Matt Dolan '23, and Harry Hanes '24 
2021-22 - Christian Micko '22, Andre Botero '23, and Harry Hanes '24
2020-21 - Christian Micko '22 and Andre Botero '23
2019-20 - Alexander Skantze '20 and Christian Micko '22 
2018-19 - Kegan Lovell '19 and Alexander Skantze '20
2017-18 - Jordan Vivero '18


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