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Creating an Apple ID

(with or without a credit card)

You will need two Apple IDs: one to purchase apps and books, and one to use for Apple’s iCloud storage. If you already have an Apple ID, you will use that Apple ID for all of your purchases and then create a second Apple ID for use with iCloud. If you do not already have an Apple ID, you will need to create an Apple ID associated with a personal email address that you will use for purchases and then create an Apple ID with your Jesuit High School email address to use with iCloud.

When you first use an Apple ID you will be prompted to enter payment information. At this point you can enter a credit card or leave the payment as “None”. You do not need to have payment information for use with iCloud, so the payment information for the Jesuit High School Apple ID can remain “None." With the personal account you can associate a credit card or add credit to the Apple ID account by purchasing and redeeming Apple iTunes gift cards.

To create an Apple ID

  1. From a computer, browse to: and choose the “Create an Apple ID” button.
  2. Complete the “Create an Apple ID” form and click “Create Apple ID”. (For your personal Apple ID, enter a personal email address. For the Jesuit High School Apple ID you will enter your Jesuit email address; e.g.
  3. The next screen will notify you to “verify your email address.” You will need to check your email for the address you just used to create the Apple ID. You will have received an auto-generated email with a simple “Verify now >” link. Click that link and it will take you to an Internet page where you will verify your Apple ID by signing in with your newly created Apple ID (this will be the email address you used) and the password you created when completing the Apple ID request form. You will receive a confirmation screen that “Your Apple ID is now ready for use.”

You do not need to use your Jesuit Apple ID to make any purchases. This Apple ID is to be used with Apple’s iCloud service for backing up your iPad. You will use this when setting up your iPad.

You will need to make purchases with your personal Apple ID. You can choose whether or not to associate this Apple ID with a credit card for purchases. If not, you will be able to use iTunes gift cards to add credit to the iTunes account so purchases can be made. These purchases include apps, books, and other digital content.

The first time you use your Apple ID in iTunes you will receive a prompt that your Apple ID has not been used with the iTunes store and ask you to review your account information, click “Review”. Follow the screens to complete the review of your account. After agreeing to Apple’s Terms, you will be asked to complete your information, including payment information. Here you will enter the credit card information or leave the “Payment Type” as “None”. You will also have to enter a “title” and a “Phone Number” for the account. If you have chosen “None” for an account that will need to make purchases you will want to purchase iTunes gift cards (either online or in a store) and then redeem them from iTunes while signed in with this account.

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