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Planned Giving - 1899 Bequest Society

Those who remember Jesuit in their wills, bequests and other estate gifts such as life insurance, annuities, remainder trusts, etc., are members of the 1899 Bequest Society, and are vital to preserving the future of Jesuit High School.

1899 Bequest Society members have indicated in writing that they have made provisions for Jesuit High School in their estate plans. In addition to being a meaningful gift to Jesuit High School, “planned giving” helps to reduce or eliminate taxes on capital gains and federal estate taxes. Please check with your financial planner or accountant for more details on arranging for a planned gift, and the personal benefits associated with that charitable gift.

Click here to view the Jesuit publication "A Guide to Planned Giving" in an easy-to-read electronic format.

If you have made arrangements for a gift to Jesuit in your estate planning and wish to be listed as a member of the 1899 Bequest Society, please contact the Development Office at (813) 877-5344, ext. 704, or email

All 1899 Bequest Society members are also listed each year in Jesuit High School’s President’s Annual Report.

Jesuit thanks the individuals listed below who have made the school the beneficiary of a planned estate gift.

Jesuit High School’s 1899 Bequest Society Members

A Special Friend (3)
Mr. Robert D. Adams
Dr. Dennis S. Agliano ’60 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Amor 
Mrs. Muriel Bressler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Bomar
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brown ’48
Mr. Frank David Capitano 87
Mr. Joe Capitano Jr. 84
Mr. Joseph Capitano Sr. ’56
Robert S. Carnes, M.D. and Carolyn J. Ferrari, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. James Chatterton 
Mr. Trey M. Clarke '08   
Mr. William R. Clarke '11
Mr. Jack Compton ’07 
Mr. Anthony Coney ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Confoy Jr. 56 
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Couch ’54
Mr. Al Dato 60  
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Deal
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dewey ’67
Mr. Bob Dikman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Donohue '71
Mr. Philip C. Elting ’67 
Mr. and Mrs. Shon E. Flaharty
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Foody II
Hon. Thomas M. Gallen ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garcia 49

Mrs. Jane Hardin
Mr. Michael F. Higgins ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Howard Sr.
Mr. Rob Hudson '98
Mr. Richard Hurley ’77
Mr. Matt Josey ’06
Mr. John Kercher V ’14
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Krist '69
Mrs. JoAnne Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Lazzara 
Mr. Douglas M. LeJeune Sr. ’87
Mr. Dennis J. LeVine '75
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Leto '79
Mr. Bruce F. Martin ’78 
Mr. Ronald T. Martino Sr. ’62 
Mr. Karl Mattison ’88
Mr. Timothy R. McIntire '71
Mr. Herbert G. McKay ’47
Mr. James A. McNulty '68

Mr. Lee Mezrah '85
Mr. Stephen Minardi '86 
Dr. Manuel Mon '68
Mrs. Delores W. Mullen
Mr. Robert D. Murphy '86
Mr. Andrew J. O’Connor ’78 
Mr. John Oliva Sr. ’60
Mr. Lee F. Pallardy III ’69 
Ms. Margo Perez
Mr. Oscar J. Perez ’61 
Dr. Lawrence A. Ratchford ’44
Mr. Ronald M. Ricardo ’64
Mr. Hector J. Rivera '96
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Robbins ’69 
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Robbins Jr. '77
Mr. Jonas C. Roel '92
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scicchitano
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Sigmund ’63
Mr. Harry Smith 
Mr. Robert D. Stemler ’70
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Strenski
Mrs. Stephanie L. Sullivan
Mr. Nicholas Suszynski ’98
Mrs. Linda Taggart
Mr. Peter G. Tibma ’73
Mrs. Patricia Tollberg
Mr. Henry Valenzuela '78
Mr. Louis F. Villarosa Jr. ’68
Mr. William E. Ware Sr. ’78
Mr. Charles L. Weissing ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Younger 

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