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Jesuit High School Foundation, Inc. 

The Jesuit High School Foundation, Inc. is an independent advisory group comprised of diverse individuals consisting of alumni, current and past parents, and community friends. Members pay dues and meet three times a year to report on various facets pertaining to the school.

The Foundation was incorporated in 1960, though it was instrumental years prior to the building of the current Himes Avenue campus location through private donations, investments, and advice. The mission of the Foundation is “To encourage, sponsor, and provide, through the services of its members and funds at its disposal, the existence, expansion, and growth of Jesuit High School, Tampa, Florida, as an institution of learning.”

2022-23 Jesuit High School Foundation, Inc.:

Mr. J. Daniel Clark '89

First Vice President
Mr. Derek Alvarez '89

Second Vice-President
Mr. Joseph L. Caballero '86

Past President
Mr. R. J. Robbins Jr. '77

Mr. Chuck Leonard '98

Mrs. Sharon Madigan

General Membership
Mr. Michael Brooks '76
Mr. Joseph Capitano Sr. '56
Mr. Michael Carideo '89
Mr. M. Patrick Carroll '98
Mr. Alejandro Castro '97
Mr. Andrew G. Diaz '82
Mr. Christopher G. Diaz '85
Mr. Todd Fultz '92
Mr. Henry Gonzalez III '86
Mr. Ethan Grabill '97
Mr. George Guerra '81
Mr. Rick Hurley '77
Dr. Lance Kane '89
Dr. Stephen M. Krist '69
Mr. Luis Martinez-Monfort '90
Mr. Kevin M. McLaughlin '89
Mr. Dennis Milam
Mr. Frank Miranda '87
Mr. Brian G. Mooney '81
Mr. Jake Moore '17
Mr. Robert Murphy '86
Mr. William J. Nellis '96
Mr. Evan W. Olsen '08
Mr. Lee F. Pallardy III '69
Mr. Hector Rivera '96
Mr. Charles M. Robbins '69
Mr. R. J. Robbins Jr. '77
Mr. N. John Simmons '72
Mr. Andrew W. Smith '04
Mr. Brian S. Smith '87
Mrs. Joyce Wellman Fisk, P '01, '03, '05
Mr. Robert D. Whitaker '80
Mr. Richard M. Zabak '72


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