Sophomore Year: 7 Credits Required

College Prep:

  • Sacred Scripture
  • English II
  • Modern World History
  • Spanish II
  • Chemistry
  • Geometry
  • Elective: Art/Computer Science, or Music, or Theater Arts, or C++ programming (AVLI), or*Computer Animation, or *Computer Gaming


  • English II
  • Modern World History
  • Spanish II or Spanish III (HL)
  • Chemistry
  • Geometry/Algebra 2
  • Latin 2
  • Elective: Introduction to Engineering, or *Anatomy and Physiology, or *Studio Art II, or *Print and Digital Media I

Advanced Placement:

  • World History
  • Elective: *Human Geography, or *European History, *Computer Science Principles, *Biology, or *Environmental Science

*Sophomores may be considered for these courses only after successful completion of Studio Art I and Computer Science summer classes.