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Alumni Association

The Jesuit High School Alumni Association enhances the relationship between alumni and Jesuit High School through various events and programs each year. Alumni play an important role in the well-being of Jesuit by giving back their time, talent, and treasure to their Alma Mater.

Be sure to update your profile to keep Jesuit informed of changes in your life. Keep up with your fellow alumni and the school by joining the alumni Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Every year there are many great opportunities for alumni and their families to stay connected with Jesuit High School, including: Homecoming; the Alumni Memorial Mass; Regional Reunions; Gaudiosa; the Jesuit Bar Association; the Senior-Alumni Luncheon; the Jesuit Blue Pages; Alumni Happy Hours; the Fr. Hartnett Memorial Golf Classic; Grand Reunion; and many more!

Please email or call (813) 877-5344, ext. 707 for more information.


The Alumni Council enhances support for alumni events and programs. Each member acts as a conduit to their fellow classmates by keeping them informed of the latest from Jesuit High School. The Alumni Council also advises and recommends new events and programs to be incorporated into the Alumni Association.


Frank Massari '68, Mike Callahan '70, Dennis LeVine '75, Frank Llende '82, Fr. Len Plazewski '83, Sam Corson '86, Henry Gonzalez III '86, Joylon Acosta '93, Brian Housel '93, Rob Hudson '98, Morgan Lynch '99, Jeff Babcock '00, Philip Nodhturft '01, Daniel Perez '03, Keith Meehan '04, Chris Reyes '04, Andrew Smith '04, Chris Chatteron '05, Daniel Martinez '05, Ricky Ehrgott '06, Tim Lazzara '06, Andy Peluso '06, Nick Plasencia '06, Nicco Spayde '08, Michael Lamoureux '10, Vincent Leto '12, Kevin Ormsby '12
Please email for more information on the Alumni Council.


How do I apply for membership into the Jesuit Tampa Alumni Association?
The moment you graduate from Jesuit High School, you automatically become a member of Jesuit’s Alumni Association for life.

What are membership dues?
There are no membership dues to be a part of the Jesuit Alumni Association. All Jesuit graduates are lifetime members, whether they participate or not.

How many alumni does Jesuit have?
Jesuit has had more than 8,100 graduates since our doors opened in 1899. From 1899 until 1956, Jesuit's graduating classes ranged from 20 to 40 students. After moving to its current Himes campus, the class numbers have increased significantly. For the past 20 years, graduating classes have ranged between 110 to 175 students.

What is the purpose of the Alumni Association?
Jesuit’s Alumni Association aims to enhance the relationship between our alumni and the school through creative social events, community service projects, contributions to the school, and special Masses for our alumni and their families. The Alumni Association also plays an important part in the well being of Jesuit High School by enthusiastically giving back their time, talents and treasures to the school.

How can I connect with the Alumni Association?
Jesuit has many ways that we stay connected with our alumni. All Jesuit Tampa alumni are welcomed to join our Facebook group and our LinkedIn group. There you will find lots of postings and discussions of alumni events and opportunities.

What is the Jesuit Bar Association?
The Jesuit Bar Association (JBA) is a group of Jesuit High School of Tampa alumni, alumni spouses, parents of alumni and parents of current students who work in the legal industry. The JBA will provide members the opportunity to support past graduates and present students through religious practice, educational forums and professional experience. The JBA will strive to promote professional and social networking for the common thread of Jesuit High School. Membership is free. Please email to sign up!

What type of events and programs does the Alumni Association provide?
Various opportunities are provided for Jesuit alumni and their families to reunite throughout the year, from small informal, social gatherings to our large Grand Reunion Weekend. Other activities include the Fr. Hartnett, S.J. Memorial Golf Classic, Gaudiosa, Alumni Socials, Homecoming, the Senior-Alumni Luncheon, Career Day, Regional Events and the Alumni Memorial Mass.

How can I contribute to the continued success of Jesuit High School and the Alumni Association?
Jesuit High School has an expansive history of over 100 years of Men For Others doing God's work in the community. Jesuit continuously labors to form men engaged in the world who are dedicated to serving God by being open to growth, intellectually competent, religious, loving, and just through support from our Alumni Association. We ask that every alumni invest in Jesuit High School by contributing their time, talent, and treasure back to the school as best as they can. Please consider a contribution to Jesuit High School to support the formation of young men in our community.

Please email or call 813-877-5344, ext. 709 for more information about the Jesuit Alumni Association and other ways you can invest in the future of Jesuit High School.


JBA Mission Statement

The Jesuit Bar Association will provide members the opportunity to support past graduates and present students of Jesuit High School of Tampa. Support will come in the form of religious practice, educational forums, professional experience and through our example as men for others. This Association will strive to promote professional and social networking for the common thread of Jesuit High School alumni, spouses of alumni, parents of alumni and parents of current students dedicated to the practice of law.

Click here to access the Jesuit Bar Association on LinkedIn. Membership is free. Please email to sign up!