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Zipoli Organ Scholarships

Jesuit High School's Zipoli Organ Scholarship, founded in
2018, is named after Domenico Zipoli, S.J., the Jesuit composer, organist, and missionary of the early 18th century. 

Zipoli Scholars each receive an award of $3,000 in tuition assistance and 12 months (June through May) of professional organ lessons to be paid for by Jesuit High School. The cost of these lessons will not exceed $3500 in a single year. In addition, Zipoli Scholars will have the opportunity to play the organ for weddings, funerals, and other services in the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The organist will receive an appropriate stipend, as determined by the school policy for these services.

This is a comprehensive scholarship program focusing on sacred music from its origins to the present day. Lessons include aspects of interpretation, accompaniment, and improvisation. Applied subjects such as historic performance practice, registration, and organology are expected to be learned by the recipient.

Three scholarships will be awarded to Jesuit students and selection is based on a juried competition at the end of the school year.

To maintain this award, a Zipoli Organ Scholar must fulfill the following criteria:

  • participate in one of the Jesuit High School music classes;
  • participate faithfully in the program of weekly organ lessons as determined by the music department and/or Director of Liturgical Music;
  • be available to play at student Masses, liturgical events, and other school functions throughout the year;
  • maintain satisfactory academic and disciplinary standing.


Students interested in applying for the scholarship will audition for a panel of judges each spring on the main stage of the Shembekar Auditorium in the Antinori Center for the Arts. The panel of judges awards three scholarships at the conclusion of the audition process. Winners will be notified by the President’s office and recognized during Convocation.

Audition requirements and rules

  • One piano piece of choice in the Classical/Academic repertoire (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, etc.).
    • This work is to be performed from memory; auditions requiring a music score will not be accepted. Popular, contemporary, non-academic songs (e.g., pop, rock, etc.) will not be accepted as pieces of choice. Participants will demonstrate their command of the instrument, musicality, and experience performing music. Bring three legible copies of the score for the judges.
  • One piece assigned by faculty members to be prepared within 10 days of the audition date with a difficulty level of easy to moderate.
    • A PDF of the score will be posted online for all participants to download on April 22, 2024. Participants will demonstrate their ability to learn music in a short amount of time.
  • One sightreading test
    • A music score of a simple piece or hymn will be shown to the participant to demonstrate ability to read and perform music on the spot with fluidity. The participant will have one minute to look at the score before playing it; if the participant attempts to play any note or part of the score before the one minute of allowed time ends, then he will signal the beginning of his performance of the piece.
  • One singing/intonation test
    • Students may sing either the National Anthem or the Jesuit High School Alma Mater to demonstrate aural skills and pitch recognition.

Any questions about the audition, requirements, rules, or preparation can be addressed to Mr. Quesada at

2024-25 - Jason Thrower '25, Joseph Cusimano '27, and Ethan Buck '28 
2023-24 - Harry Hanes '24, Jason Thrower '25, and Joseph Cusimano '27 
2022-23 - Andre Botero '23, Matt Dolan '23, and Harry Hanes '24 
2021-22 - Christian Micko '22, Andre Botero '23, and Harry Hanes '24
2020-21 - Christian Micko '22 and Andre Botero '23
2019-20 - Alexander Skantze '20 and Christian Micko '22 
2018-19 - Kegan Lovell '19 and Alexander Skantze '20
2017-18 - Jordan Vivero '18