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Hurtado Service Scholarships

The Jesuit High School Hurtado Service Program, established in 2017, is a merit-based tuition assistance program designed to attract and retain students of exceptional moral character who have a strong personal desire to serve those in need in the community. 

Jesuit High School will provide two Hurtado Scholars in each incoming class with an annual award of half-tuition for each of their four years at Jesuit. 

The Hurtado Service Program is separate from Jesuit’s need-based financial aid award. However, the financial need of those who qualify for Hurtado Scholarships, relative to that of other Hurtado Scholar qualifiers, is one of several factors in the final decision. 

To apply for the Hurtado Service Scholarship for the 2024-25 school year, please contact Steve Matesich '91 at between March 25 and April 26, 2024.

  • Parent: Apply online for need-based financial aid via FACTS.  
  • Student: Submit to Jesuit's Admissions Office a personal, one-page essay indicating why Jesuit is the right school for you, and why you are deserving of the Hurtado scholarship.
  • Student: Submit to Jesuit's Admissions Office a letter of recommendation from a community leader indicating any accomplishments you may have in community service, and your special aptitude for serving the needs of others in the future.

To renew the award each year, a Hurtado Scholar must achieve the following:

  • complete 150% of the grade-level community service requirements by the designated dates
  • participate in at least two extracurricular activities (one of which is non-athletic)
  • maintain good academic and disciplinary standing


St. Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga, S.J. was a popular Chilean Jesuit priest, lawyer, social worker, and writer. He was the founder of the "Home of Christ" Foundation, which every month serves more than 25,000 people living in extreme poverty. Though born into a wealthy family early in the 20th century, his family's circumstances drastically changed when his father died. From age 4 he was raised in poverty by a succession of relatives until he received a scholarship to attend St. Ignatius Academy, a Jesuit school in Santiago. Pursuing his call to serve Christ, he was ordained a priest in 1933 and spent his life devoted to the poor. He died in 1952 at age 51. St. Alberto Hurtado was canonized on Oct. 23, 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI.

In St. Alberto's spirit, this partial scholarship, which is made possible through the generosity of designated Annual Fund donors, is awarded to students who combine strong moral character with a desire to serve those in need in the community. Applicants must meet the following criteria: demonstrate a strong personal desire to be a Jesuit student; have the support of a community leader (religious, civic, or educational) who can attest to the student's good moral character and willingness and aptitude for community service; and clearly demonstrate financial need relative to the other candidates.