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Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam Application

Step 1: The online application for admission also serves as the entrance exam registration. It should be completed by the applicant and his parents.
Click here to apply to Jesuit.

Step 2: As part of the online application, a records release form must be completed by the applicant's family. There are also two teacher evaluation forms that must be completed by the applicant’s English and Math teachers. The applicant’s current school should return these forms to the Jesuit High School Admissions Office.

Entrance Exams

Jesuit uses the national High School Placement Test (HSPT) produced by Scholastic Testing Service, which can only be taken once. Applicants should take the HSPT at Jesuit High School because Jesuit also administers a supplemental writing portion on the morning of the exam. Scores may be shared with other schools using this same exam. The HSPT entrance exam is required for admission to Jesuit as a freshman. It will be administered at Jesuit on Saturday, December 7, 2024 at 8:30am and also on Saturday, December 14, 2024 at 8:30am. Applicants may only take the test once, and can choose which exam date from their online application checklist. 

Prospective students should report to Jesuit's Gonzmart Hall for the entrance exam. From there students will be taken to classrooms to begin the testing process. Students will finish approximately three hours after the start of the exam.

Testing for Grade 9

As part of the freshman testing process, students will write four brief essays in response to specific questions to learn more about the applicant. 

Students may not use calculators on the HSPT. All necessary materials will be provided.

Preparation guides for the HSPT, a nationally standardized test, can be purchased at local bookstores or online.

Testing for Grade 10

There may be a limited number of openings available for transfer into Grade 10. Transfer applications will be accepted from Jan. 6, 2025 to May 2, 2025. Students applying for transfer entry must submit their 9th grade PSAT score. 

Special Testing Accommodations

Students with a documented learning difference will be afforded minor adjustments for the entrance exam. Proper documentation must be provided by Friday, Nov. 22, 2024.

Jesuit follows the documentation guidelines specified by the State of Florida, which require psychoeducational testing that establishes the effect of the learning difference on learning. Please contact the Admissions Office at (813) 877-5344, ext. 715, with any questions concerning documentation.