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Dual Enrollment Program

In 2019, Jesuit launched a new Dual Enrollment program in conjunction with Saint Louis University (SLU), the esteemed, national Jesuit university. Successful completion of these courses gives Jesuit students college credit from SLU, credits which transfer to more than 500 colleges and universities.

The Jesuit teachers who lead the Dual Enrollment courses have passed certifications to become Adjunct Professors. They also all have Master's degrees with 18 credits in what they teach, and twice annually must complete professional development, which can be done virtually.

For Jesuit students, there is a steeply discounted fee per course to receive the college credit, a fraction what SLU students pay per credit. Jesuit students also can enroll in a course but not pursue the Dual Enrollment option and therefore not pay any fees.

Below is a list of courses offered for dual enrollment at Jesuit through SLU. If a student enrolls in any of these courses and meets SLU’s academic requirements (see page 40 of the Jesuit Curriculum Guide), he may enroll in their 1818 Advanced College Credit (ACC) SLU Program (1818 ACC SLU Program) and earn college credit for these high school courses.

College credit earned through the dual enrollment program has been accepted at over 500 colleges and universities. Information about the transferability of SLU credits can be found by clicking here.

Dual Enrollment 2023-24