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1:1 iPad Program

Jesuit's 1:1 Program with iPads

The 2023-24 school year marks the 10th year of Jesuit's 1:1 Program with the Apple iPad. During that decade, faculty and students have embraced the iPad as a powerful tool for enhancing student learning. 

Since the iPad's full implementation at Jesuit in 2014, teachers have adopted innovative instructional methods that engage students in ways never before possible, and students fully manage their academic tasks – such as note taking, studying, composing papers, and preparing presentations – using the iPad. They accomplish these tasks in multimedia-rich manners more than ever before. Collaboration among students and teachers increased as the iPad and related tools made it easier to share ideas in real-time. More than 90% of textbooks are digital.

The use of iPads and other new technologies assists Jesuit's teachers in providing the rigorous and personal education that is a hallmark of Jesuit pedagogy. Any questions about Jesuit's 1:1 program with the Apple iPad please email the school's director of information technology, Vinny Davila, at