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Outstanding academic preparation has been an integral component of Jesuit schools dating back five centuries, and it has been a hallmark of Jesuit High School since its inception in 1899. The continuous pursuit of academic success was reinforced in Jesuit's 2022 Strategic Plan, which listed "Advancing Academic Opportunities" as one of the three pillars of the plan.

The current era of secondary education is an exciting one, with the infusion of technology and increasing emphasis on student engagement in the learning process. Jesuit has responded in a dynamic way to the changing needs of 21st century education.

The seamless incorporation of a 1:1 iPad Program in 2014 has helped propel academic learning and performance. From the 2013-14 school year through 2021-22, a nine-year span, the success of Jesuit's Advanced Placement (AP) program has been remarkable, achieving an annual pass rate of between 76% and 84% on all AP tests taken. During that same period, Jesuit has been increasing its AP opportunities every year, with more AP courses, more AP tests administered, and more AP students annually. Among the 28 AP courses offered at Jesuit in 2021-22, a school-record 10 achieved perfect 100% pass rates in AP testing. Two other school records for AP testing were equaled in 2022: 12 courses achieving a 90% pass rate (tying with 2018), and 17 with an 80% pass rate (2021).

Dual enrollment courses in conjunction with highly regarded Saint Louis University were launched in 2019, offering Jesuit students the opportunity to receive college credit from SLU in more than a dozen courses, with credits from SLU being accepted by more than 500 universities.

A three-year Engineering program was incorporated into the Jesuit curriculum in 2016-17. The Engineering program, which is operated in conjunction with Project Lead The Way, has been based inside of Jesuit's state-of-the-art Engineering and Robotics Lab since the lab was opened in 2019.

While Jesuit continues its pursuit of Academic Excellence, at the same time it remains true to its heritage of forming men of faith and "Men for Others."

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