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Strategic Plan

In 2022, Jesuit High School created a new Strategic Plan to guide the next phase of the school's development. Shaped over two years with input from key stakeholders such as the school's Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumni, the 2022 Strategic Plan was published and shared with the school community. It continues the important progress made with the school's previous Strategic Plan, which served the school for a decade during an era of significant growth and development at Jesuit. The new Strategic Plan will be reviewed regularly and revised as needed. The plan rests on three foundational priorities, which are listed below in an abbreviated manner. For more details and specific action steps within each of the three foundational priorities, click here to view the full 2022 Strategic Plan:



To develop young men of character grounded in faith, Jesuit High School must continue to focus efforts in the following areas:

  • Recruiting and developing faculty, staff, and students prepared to embrace the mission of the school.
  • Providing additional opportunities for spiritual formation programs for students and faculty, as well as parents and alumni.
  • Providing ongoing support for Campus Ministry reflective of the dynamism and growth of the program.



To continue providing the highest quality academic program and to ensure that students matriculate into the finest post-secondary institutions, well-prepared for academic success, we must commit greater resources in the following areas:

  • Targeted recruitment, retention, and development of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Enhancement and broadening of the curriculum.
  • Improvement of campus facilities and learning spaces.



To continue developing well-formed men who are open to growth and effective leaders engaged in the world, Jesuit High School will concentrate efforts in the following areas:

  • Attracting, retaining, and developing a well-rounded, excellent, and diverse student body prepared to contribute their talents and gifts to the school life.
  • Broadening the opportunities for personal enrichment through enhanced programming in clubs, athletics, and other areas of student life.
  • Improving campus facilities that will better serve our students’ needs for personal and social growth.