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Safe Environment

 Jesuit High School aims to foster a safe and healthy environment for its students and employees. Jesuit is committed to the prevention of child abuse and maintaining a school environment free from sexual harassment and any other forms of abuse. The sections below give further detail to the school’s related policies that are in accordance with Florida Statutes, the Diocese of St. Petersburg, and the United States  Central and Southern Province of the Society of Jesus.



For purposes of this policy, child abuse means physical injury, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse inflicted on a child, other than by accidental means, by those responsible for the child’s care, custody, and control, or from persons who are agents or employees of Jesuit. In the case of abuse within Jesuit High School, by an employee, agent, or volunteer, whether lay, religious, or clergy, the following explains the process for reporting incidents of suspected abuse:

  • Employees of the school are required by law to report to the Central Abuse Hotline (1-800-962-2873) if he or she knows or has reasonable cause to suspect child abuse, abandonment or neglect by any person, including but not limited to an employee, agent or volunteer of the school.
  • In addition to the reporting required by law, all employees, agents, and volunteers of the school are required to report any suspected or actual child abuse to the school Principal.
  • If the suspected abuse involves the Principal, a report should be made to the President.
  • If suspected abuse involves the President, a report should be made to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. R. James Robbins at (813) 227-8404,
  • For more information about reporting misconduct and abuse, please click here and click here.



Sexual harassment is discrimination and will not be tolerated. All employees and students are required to report any act of sexual harassment which they suffer or have knowledge of using the procedures set forth below. Jesuit High School will act to investigate all complaints, either formal or informal, verbal or written, of sexual harassment and to discipline any student or employee who sexually harasses an employee of the School.


    A. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, sexually motivated physical conduct or other verbal or physical conduct or communication of a sexual nature when:

      1. Submission to that conduct or communication is made a term or condition, either explicitly or implicitly, of obtaining or retaining employment, or of obtaining an education; or

      2. Submission to or rejection of that conduct or communication by an individual is used as a factor in decisions affecting that individual’s employment or dedication; or

      3. That conduct or communication has the purpose or effect of substantially or unreasonably interfering with an individual’s employment or education, or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive employment or education environment. Any sexual harassment as defined when perpetrated on any student or employee by a student or employee will be treated as sexual harassment under this policy.

   B. Sexual harassment may include but is not limited to:

      1. verbal harassment or abuse;

      2. subtle pressure for sexual activity;

      3. inappropriate patting or pinching;

      4. intentional brushing against a student’s or employee’s body;

      5. demanding sexual favors accompanied by implied or overt threats concerning an individual’s employment or educational status;

      6. demanding sexual favors accompanied by implied or overt promises of preferential treatment with regard to an individual’s employment or educational status; or

      7. any sexually unwelcome touching.


Any person who believes he or she has been the victim of sexual harassment by a student or employee of Jesuit, or any third party with knowledge or belief of conduct which may constitute sexual harassment should report the alleged acts immediately to an appropriate Jesuit official as designated by this policy. Jesuit encourages the reporting party or complainant to submit the incident in writing to the Principal or President. Faculty and School Staff should report to the Principal, while Business Office Staff should report to the President.   If the complaint involves the Principal, the faculty or staff member shall file the report with the President. If the complaint involves the President, the faculty or staff member shall file the report with the Chairman of the Board of the Trustees of Jesuit High School, Mr. R. James Robbins: (813) 227-8404, Submission of a complaint or report of sexual harassment will not affect the individual’s employment status.

Jesuit High School will respect the confidentiality of the complainant and the individual(s) against whom the complaint is filed as much as possible, consistent with the School’s legal obligations and the necessity to investigate allegations of harassment and take disciplinary action when the conduct has occurred.


The President or Principal, upon receipt of a report or complaint alleging sexual harassment, shall immediately authorize an investigation. Depending on circumstances this investigation may be conducted by the President or Principal themselves, or by a third party designated by Jesuit. A report shall be drafted within 10 days of commencing an investigation.

The investigation may consist of personal interviews with the complainant, the individual(s) against whom the complaint is filed, and others who may have knowledge of the alleged incident(s) or circumstances giving rise to the complaint. The investigation may also consist of other methods and documents deemed pertinent by the investigator.

In addition, Jesuit High School may take immediate steps, at its discretion, to protect the complainant and other employees pending completion of the investigation.


   A. Upon receipt of a recommendation that the complaint is valid, Jesuit High School will take such action as appropriate based on the results of the investigation. Complaints against students shall be handled through the Discipline Office.

   B. The result of the investigation of each complaint filed under these procedures will be reported in writing to the complainant by Jesuit High School. The report will document any disciplinary action taken as a result of the complaint.


Jesuit will discipline any individual who retaliates against any person who reports alleged sexual harassment or who retaliates against any person who testifies, assists, or participates in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing relating to a sexual harassment complaint. Retaliation includes, but is not limited to, any form of intimidation, reprisal, or harassment.


Jesuit recognizes that not every advance or consent of a sexual nature constitutes harassment. Whether a particular action or incident is a personal, social relationship without a discriminatory employment effect requires a determination based on all the facts and surrounding circumstances. False accusations of sexual harassment can have a serious detrimental effect on innocent parties.


Jesuit High School will take such disciplinary action it deems necessary and appropriate, including warning, suspension, or immediate discharge to end sexual harassment and prevent its recurrence. Disciplinary action regarding complaints against a student will be processed through policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook.