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Vision and Values


  • Assists in the total formation of each student
  • Includes a religious dimension that permeates the entire education
  • Respects Roman Catholic faith particularly, and other religions generally
  • Promotes individual care and concern for each student
  • Emphasizes active learning on the part of each student
  • Encourages lifelong openness to growth
  • Affirms that this created world is good
  • Encourages a realistic knowledge, love, and acceptance of self
  • Provides a realistic knowledge of the world in which we live
  • Proposes Christ as the model of human life
  • Celebrates faith in personal and community prayer, worship and service
  • Serves the faith that does justice, with a particular concern for the poor
  • Seeks to form “Men for Others"
  • Is an apostolic instrument, in service of the church as it serves human society
  • Prepares students for active participation in the church and the local community
  • Values the pursuit of excellence
  • Employs various means and methods to achieve its purpose most effectively
  • Assists in the professional training and ongoing formation of faculty and staff
  • Depends on a spirit of community among: faculty, staff, and administrators; the Jesuit community; governing board; parents and students; alumni; and benefactors