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Welcome Week 2015

Welcome Week 2015
Jesuit students frolic in Welcome Week activities

Jesuit High School ushered in the first full week of the 2015-16 school year with Welcome Week, featuring themed participatory entertainment activities every day during the lunch periods, emceed by student body president Sergio Farina ’16.

On Mystery Drink Monday, a representative of each grade level had to accurately guess the five ingredients in a blended drink concoction over three rounds of competition. The drinks were comprised of a fruit, vegetable, liquid/drink, condiment, and a mystery ingredient, such as canned tuna or Tabasco sauce.

Myles Hahn ’16 prevailed during Period 4 lunch with help from a makeshift Blue Tide-esque support group. In rounds 1 and 2, Chris Jennings ’18 and Ryan Cox ’17 were eliminated, and Hahn defeated freshman Leonard Parker ’19 in the final.  

During Period 5 lunch on Monday, the Mystery Drink finalists were Kijah Kelly ’18 and Nick Sweet ’19. Sweet advanced to the final by chugging his mystery drink in round 2 to break a tie, but Kelly triumphed in the final. Danny Kervin ’16 and Spencer Wallace ’17 were eliminated in the first two rounds.

Tiger Trials Tuesday brought more amusing competition to lunch, as contestants had to successfully complete four tasks as quickly as possible – nudging a quarter across the floor with their nose, carrying a tray of water the length of the cafeteria, balancing a tennis ball on a spoon in their mouth the length of the cafeteria, and digging out a Jesuit lapel pin hidden amongst a bunch of coins at the bottom of a large bowl of slop.

During Period 4 lunch, Patrick Leone ’19 set a brisk early pace but could not locate the lapel pin. Stevie Darst ’17 was undermined by “friends” blocking his path on the tennis ball task.  And Kieran Mahoney ’16 came up just shy of the best time of 2:35 set by the champion, Jeremiah Nichols ’19. Also coming up short were Dylan Vandall ’19 and Ethan Dieck ’18. During Period 5 lunch, Ricky Luaces '18 was the winner.

Welcome Week events continue Wednesday with Jesuit Jeopardy. View the photo slideshow below from Monday and Tuesday’s Welcome Week events.

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