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Virtual Classes Begin

Virtual Classes Begin

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Jesuit High School began a period of virtual learning on Wednesday morning (March 18) as students and teachers engaged in online classes. 

On Friday (March 13), in a statement emailed to all current families, Jesuit president Fr. Richard C. Hermes, S.J. and principal Barry Neuburger said the school would extend its March 9-13 Spring Break through March 17. This would give the teachers and students two days, Mon. March 16 and Tue. March 17,  to prepare for the start of virtual classes, which will last until at least Fri. March 27. On Tuesday (March 17), assistant principal for academics Debbie Pacheco emailed all current families with specifics about how Jesuit's virtual school would operate (see below).

The campus was quiet Wednesday morning (see photos below), but the online activity was bustling as teachers and students made the adjustment to virtual learning. Please stay alert for messages from Jesuit administrators and faculty about any updates or changes as virtual classes proceed at Jesuit.

Please see below the statement from March 13 by Fr. Hermes and Mr. Neuburger about the transition to virtual classes. Below that is the March 17 email from Mrs. Pacheco with details about Jesuit's virtual school. And below that are photos from March 18, the first day of virtual school.


You and your loved ones have been in our daily prayers throughout this spring break. We have followed with close attention the many developments related to the international coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, especially the advice of health authorities. Beginning Monday, with due regard for the health and safety of our students and families, we will be implementing the following changes at Jesuit.

This Monday and Tuesday (March 16-17) will be an extended Spring Break for Jesuit students, with no school on those two days. On those days, the Jesuit faculty will be preparing to teach virtual classes beginning on Wednesday, March 18, and continuing, at a minimum, through Friday, March 27. Students, therefore, should plan to resume their school obligations via virtual learning on Wednesday, March 18. Instructions will be provided to help them prepare for Wednesday's virtual sessions. The school will, of course, continue to evaluate the situation and update you as things evolve.

While the temporary transition to virtual learning is a significant change for students and teachers, we are well prepared to implement virtual learning for an extended period. For several years, Jesuit has utilized the Canvas learning management system and a 1:1 iPad program, as well as the Arrupe (Jesuit) Virtual Learning Institute (AVLI). These resources, as well as the skills and experience of our faculty, will allow us to continue providing high level instruction and learning, and also navigate flexibly through any issues and problems that may arise.

Beginning this Monday, all after-school events, practices, and athletic activities are canceled through March 27. There are likely additional questions regarding special events, parent functions, and other activities on the horizon. We will communicate further updates addressing these issues, so please continue to monitor your email and Canvas, as well as the school website. Also, please be alert for any specific communication coming directly from teachers, coaches, and moderators.

As we mentioned in an initial coronavirus communication on March 2, our maintenance crew, food provider, and housekeeping staff have implemented strategies to enhance the cleanliness of campus facilities and operations. We have completed a deep-clean of the campus this week, and will continue the new measures for the duration of the outbreak.

As you know, coronavirus news has been coming rapidly every day, with new policies and protocols implemented frequently. I want to assure you that we are following developments in the state and county and will continue to monitor the recommendations of health authorities. Everyone should consult the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website ( for directions on how to protect your family and for information about a host of issues related to coronavirus.

Regarding travel, we will be enforcing policies consistent with CDC guidelines and self-quarantine situations. These are changing each day so please continue to inform yourselves and communicate with the school for the safety of the whole community.

As we continue to pray for one another, let us not fail to lift up to the healing power of God all those people most affected by the virus and its many side effects.


Tomorrow, March 18, your son will begin virtual learning days. Our teachers have been very busy preparing for this change. Please note the following:

  • Teachers will post information for their classes prior to 8:00am each day.
  • Our virtual school will follow a Day A schedule every day, Monday through Friday.
  • Students will check into each of their classes in Canvas according to their Day A schedule (Order 1)
  • A class period could consist of any of the following:
    • Participation in a live virtual class through Zoom (the link to the Zoom classroom will be listed in the course Canvas module).
    • A videotaped lesson
    • Readings, worksheets, projects
  • During the class period, the classroom teacher will be available through Canvas messaging or a discussion board to answer any questions or address any concerns related to the day’s work unless he/she is teaching a live class in Zoom.
  • Teachers will verify that your son checked into his classes through the submission of an assignment called Attendance. Your son must complete an attendance submission for each of his classes by 3:23pm every weekday.

Because we realize that there will be extenuating circumstances that prevent your son from following the Day A schedule, he will be able to check into his classes any time before 3:23pm. If there are circumstances that prevent this, please let the attendance office know. The phone number is (813) 877-5344, ext. 506. Any live classes will be videotaped and posted to Canvas.

If your son needs to come on campus to retrieve anything from his locker, please tell him to check in and out with the security guard on Loyola Lane. During this time of virtual learning, we will need your help to keep your son engaged in his learning. It is very important that he develops a routine with respect to his classes. Virtual learning requires a student to take ownership of his learning using the resources provided. Your support in ensuring that he meets deadlines, completes assignments, watches video lessons, participate in live sessions, and seeks help when necessary is very important. Students will be responsible for all content learned during the period of virtual learning.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.




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