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Upon Reflection

Upon Reflection

A reflection from a Jesuit High School rising senior, with an introduction by school president Fr. Richard C. Hermes, S.J., on the events now taking place in the country:

"The killing of George Floyd, and the passionate response that has followed, has had a profound impact on the whole country. Our nation continues to struggle to overcome the scourge of racism and its effects in our society. The reflection of Jesuit rising senior Edward Morrison '21, newly-elected president of Jesuit’s African American Club, and the accompanying artwork by classmate Nico Machado '21 (see below), embody a response that seeks change, but also reconciliation and unity. Their message also embodies Jesuit’s highest ideals and are in line with Bishop Parkes’ statement calling for an end to racism and for peace and reconciliation in our communities. Our collective hope to work for and achieve racial harmony, justice, and peace is strengthened by the voices of young men like Edward and Nico."


Nico Machado '21 artwork

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