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The Men for Others Dinner

The Men for Others Dinner

Some 450 Jesuit fathers and sons enjoyed a beautiful evening of camaraderie, bonding, reflection, and wisdom at the 18th annual Men for Others Dinner on Sunday (March 17) at the Hilton Tampa Downtown.

During the evening, keynote speaker Jim Towey gave an impactful and entertaining presentation; seniors Gavin Paglieri and Eric Rein gave moving tributes to their fathers, Graig Paglieri and William Rein; the Dads' Club and president Todd O'Donnell, P ’25, ’25 presented the school with a $550,000 check from parking proceeds for Raymond James Stadium events; and Steve Denick, P ’20, ’22 was named the recipient of the Dads' Club's highest honor, the Songy Award.

Towey brought the whole evening together with his engaging closing address. (Click here to view the video of Towey's presentation.) A trusted advisor and personal friend of Mother Teresa of Calcutta for 12 years, Towey has been pro bono legal counsel to the Missionaries of Charity for 38 years. He also headed the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives under George W. Bush for four years and served on Bush's senior staff. In addition, Towey's career includes the presidency of two Catholic colleges spanning 13 years; a seven-year stint as a U.S. Senate staffer; and the leadership of Florida’s health and human services agency. In 1996, with Mother Teresa’s encouragement, Towey founded the nonprofit advocacy organization Aging with Dignity, and he has received seven honorary doctorate degrees. In 2000, Pope John Paul II awarded Towey a papal medal for distinguished service, and in 2022, Towey authored, "To Love and Be Loved: A Personal Portrait of Mother Teresa," which is available in five languages.

The 450 guests enjoyed a delicious dinner before O'Donnell and Dads’ Club parking chair Chris Galvis, P ’13, ’24 presented one of the largest checks ever from the Dads’ Club to Jesuit High School: $550,000. The money, which goes toward Jesuit’s financial aid program, was raised by dozens of dedicated Dads’ Club members, under the direction of Galvis, throughout the course of the school year.

O'Donnell then presented the Dads’ Club’s highest honor, the Michael G. Songy “Men for Others” Award. Denick earned the award for his “generous service to the school community that most closely models the characteristics of a true ‘Man for Others.’” Denick is nicknamed "Captain SunTrust" for his years of dedication in assisting Dads' Club parking endeavors in the lots managed by the school. View below a listing of past Songy Award recipients. 

The two student speakers, Paglieri and Rein, provided heartfelt tributes to their respective fathers that resonated with all of the fathers and sons in attendance. Click here for video of Rein, who was part of the summer 2023 mission trip to South Dakota and has been key part of Jesuit's State title-winning swim program. Click here for video of Paglieri, who plays for the two-time defending Region champion Jesuit lacrosse program and is a member of Agmen Christi.

Scroll below to view photos from the event, and more photos will be available on the Facebook page Jesuit High School of Tampa.


2023 – Jerry Perez '83
2022 – Mike Lufkin, Mark Georgiades
2021 – Michael Donovan
2020 – Chris Freeman
2019 – Steve Sanchez
2018 – Ron Battle
2017 – Ken Darst
2016 – Kevin O’Brien ’81
2015 – Mike Sweet
2014 – Rick McClintock
2013 – Jeff Lambert ’81
2012 – Brian Ehrlich
2011 – Mark Hoenemeyer
2010 – Jeff Younger
2009 – Michael Crochet  



2023 – Ryan Nece
2022 – Bill Babin
2021 – Gus Lloyd
2019 – Dr. Wes Ely
2018 – Jay Feely ’94
2017 – Artie Boyle
2016 – Vice Adm. Joe Maguire
2015 – Lou Holtz
2014 – Penn Dawson, S.J.
2013 – Andre Kirwan ’92
2012 – Jeff Vinik
2011 – Urban Meyer
2010 – Lincoln Tamayo ’78
2009 – Dr. Joe Lezama ’89
2008 – Eric Papp ’01
2007 – Brig. Gen. Douglas J. Robb ’75
2006 – Brian Griese