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Spring Music Concert

Spring Music Concert

For the first time in nearly two years, Jesuit High School hosted the Spring Music Concert on campus Saturday (April 17).

With a fantastic acoustic setup in the gymnasium, the Jesuit student musicians were met with great enthusiasm by the audience. Conducted by music director Nina Wegmann and Dominick DiCarlo, more than 80 students performed a variety of musical compositions, including works from the Beatles, Glenn Miller, Brian Setzer, Henry Mancini, Dave Brubeck, and many more. The concert featured the percussion ensemble, guitar ensemble, advanced band, beginning band, chamber orchestra, and choir. 

Some of the students who participated in the concert were honored for their talent and hard work at the State Solo and Ensemble competition on March 27, while many were recognized at the District competitions in February as well.

At State, Miggy Sumagang ’21 received a rating of Superior With Distinction for his marimba solo. Sumagang also received a Superior rating for his snare drum solo, as did Ryan Finster ’22 for his baritone horn solo and Michael Skarupa ’22 for his trumpet solo. Jonah Tran ’21 also received an Excellent grade for his alto saxophone solo.

At District competition for piano and string instruments on February 20, Preston Shembekar ’22 shined with a rating of Superior With Distinction for his piano performance. Garnering Superior ratings for their solos were Cal Bonifant ’23, Brian O’Leary ’23, Wilson Zaritsky ’24, Andre Botero ’23, Matt Dolan ’23, Dakota Colangelo ’22, Cam Bailey ’23, Max Livingston ’24, and Gabe Brazzeal ’24, while the guitar quartet of Bailey, Dominic Spada ’21, Will Starr ’23, and Trevor Powers ’22 also was deemed Superior. Powers, Starr and Christian Micko ’22 also earned Excellent ratings.

At the District competition on February 17, Harry Hanes ’24, Aidan Mahoney ’23, Cooper Kasper ’24, Marc Mejia ’23, Skarupa, Tran, Finster, and Sumagang all won Superior ratings for their solos. The trumpet trio of Hanes, Ryan O’Sullivan ’23, and Adam Stafford ’23 and the trombone quartet of Dominic Cartaya ’22, Tito Borromeo ’24, Stephen Janicki ’24, and C.J. Kilkelly ’24 each received Superior grades. Edward Morrison ’21, John Barreto ’21, and Ethan Tiejema ’22 secured Excellent ratings for their solos, while the trumpet quintet of John Michael Rodriguez ’21, Theo Baier ’22, Nathan Hyde ’22, Skarupa, and O’Sullivan also received a mark of Excellent.

View below a photo slideshow from Saturday, and below that is a list of all the musicians who participated in the Spring Music Concert.



Percussion Ensemble
John Barreto, Shane Boyle, Aiden Buck, Alex Fleishmann, PJ Hohman, David Jacobsen*, Cooper Kasper, Aidan Mahoney, Marc Mejia, Miggy Sumagang**, Anthony Tuero, Nate Wasylik, Wilson Zaritsky.

Guitar Ensemble
Cam Bailey, Ivan Borowiec, Sean Boyle, Gabe Brazzeal, C.J. DeCort*, Alberto Echevarria, Richard Harris, Jad Hatoum, Griffin Hodgdon, Max Livingston, Max Mazzacurati, Gavin McCarthy, Christopher Newcom, Trevor Powers, Dominic Spada**, Will Starr

Advanced Band
Theo Baier, Tito Borromeo, Dominic Cartaya, Luke Davis, Evan Dewey, Ryan Finster, Odi Gan, Harry Hanes, Jacob Hernandez, Nathan Hyde, Caiden Hyer, Stephen Janicki, C.J. Kilkelly, Liam Maloney, Mason Marmino, Christian Micko, Edward Morrison***, Ryan O'Sullivan, Michael Poyner, Dominic Pullo, John Michael Rodriguez**, Dominic Rozance, Jason Saez, Michael Skarupa, Oscar Soriano, Adam Stafford, Ethan Tiejema, Jonah Tran, Bobby Volini, Brady Widlacki

Chamber Orchestra
Cal Bonifant, Andre Botero, Dakota Colangelo, Matt Dolan, Aden Knowles, Creighton Koontz, Brian O’Leary, Max Rabenstein, Jackson Shembekar**, Preston Shembekar*

Beginning Band
Elias Acevedo, John Consuegra, E.J. Fernandez, James Hanna, Tony Iacono, Thomas Karottukunnel, Jake Killian, Simon Wills, Ethan Wilson

Ethan Alvare, Aston Brewster, Sergio Carrion, Nino Cutrono, Christiano Flores, Jackson Kiser, Evan Kreines, Evan McGill, Anthony Tom

*      Vice President
**    President
***  Drum Major

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