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Spring Music Concert

Spring Music Concert

The first music concert inside the Antinori Center for the Arts sounded amazing on April 29. The exceptional acoustics of Shembekar Auditorium elevated the performance of Jesuit's musicians in the maiden concert in the phenomenal new facility.

Conducted by Jesuit music director Nina Wegmann and Adrian Quesada, Jesuit's Pop Symphony, Chamber Orchestra, Drum Line, Guitar Ensemble, and Intermediate Band played 19 selections, among them Ennio Morricone’s “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” performed by the Guitar Ensemble, and Mozart’s “Andante from Piano Concerto No. 21,” which was conducted by Matthew Dolan ’23 and featured a piano solo by Andre Botero ’23.

Other songs included the Guitar Ensemble playing The Eagles classic “Hotel California," while the Pop Symphony performed hits such as “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen. See below for the list of all 19 selections from the concert.

Intermittently throughout the concert, Wegmann presented the following music awards:

Orchestra Director Award – Cal Bonifant ’23, Botero, Dolan
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award – Dominic Pullo ’23
John Philip Sousa Band Award – Marc Mejia ’23
Band Director Award – Aidan Mahoney ’23
Guitar Ensemble Director Award – Sean Boyle ’23
Music Leadership Award – Will Starr ’23
Music Participation Medal Award – Johnny Weir ’23
Music Dedication Medal Award – Cam Bailey ’23, Alberto Echevarria ’23, Richard Harris ’23
AP Music Theory Certificate of Achievement – Bailey, Dylan Bissett ’23, Bonifant, Alex Bossio ’23, Christian Corcoran ’23, Harry Hanes ’24

Scroll below for photos from the Spring Music Concert.


Zorba, M. Theodorakis – Guitar Ensemble
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, E. Morricone – Guitar Ensemble
Mango Walk, A. Forrest – Intermediate Guitars
Joropo, A. Forrest – Advanced Guitars
Bamboleo, Gipsy Kings – Guitar Ensemble
Hotel California, Eagles – Guitar Ensemble, Intermediate & Adv. Band
   Singers: Richard Harris, Carlos Lamoutte, James Slack
   Electric Guitars: Sean Boyle, Will Starr, Gabe Brazzeal
The Never Ending Story, Georgio Moroder, arr. by Patrick Roszell
  Intermediate Band
The Star Wars Saga, John Williams, arr. by Michael Story
   Intermediate & Advanced Band
Maple Leaf Rag, S. Joplin – Percussion Ensemble
Wallace and Gromit Theme, J. Nott – Percussion Ensemble
The King of Pop Medley, M. Jackson – Percussion Ensemble
Andante from Piano Concerto #21, W.A. Mozart – Jesuit Pop
   Symphony, Piano solo – Andre Botero, Conductor – Matt Dolan
Classical Symphony part 1, S. Prokofiev – Chamber Orchestra
The Typewriter, L. Andreson – Jesuit Pop Symphony,
   Solo – Andre Botero
Despacito, Fonsi, E. Ender, D. Yankee – Jesuit Pop Symphony
Take Five, P. Desmond, arr. by J. Zontek - Jesuit Pop Symphony,
   Piano solo – Andre Botero
   Alto saxophone solo – Dominic Pullo
Mission Impossible Theme, L. Shifrin - Jesuit Pop Symphony
Crazy Little Thing Called Love, F. Mercury – Jesuit Pop Symphony, Singers: Carlos Lamoutte, James Slack
   Alto saxophone solo: Bronson Carter, Dominic Pullo
Sing, Sing, Sing, L. Prima – Jesuit Pop Symphony,
   Drum solo – Marc Mejia


Jesuit Pop Symphony
Dominic Pullo – 1st alto saxophone, tenor saxophone; Bronson Carter – 1st alto saxophone; John Consuegra – 2nd alto saxophone; Harry Hanes – trumpet and keyboard; Cooper Vattamattam – clarinet; John Mueller – trumpet; Wyatt Allender – French horn; Tito Borromeo – trombone; Marc Mejia – drum set; and Wilson Zaritsky – bells, bass guitar

Chamber Orchestra
Cal Bonifant – 1st violin; Daniel Dewey – 1st violin; James Slack – 1st violin; Max Rabenstein – 1st and 2nd violin; Santiago Ramirez-Betancur – 2nd and 1st violin; Colin Shembekar – 2nd violin; Sean O’Leary – 2nd violin; Creighton Koontz- 3rd violin; Sagar Lopez – 3rd violin; William Wright – cello; Ben Fultz – cello; Ronan Krummrich – string bass; Carlos Lamoutte – electric bass; Matt Dolan – keyboard; and Andre Botero – keyboard

Drum Line
Marc Mejia, Aidan Mahoney, Chancellor Haber, P.J. Hohman, Christian Diaz, Nate Wasylik, Nico Mammola, James Pawlusiak, and Daniel Dewey

Guitar Ensemble
Anthony Alessi, Sean Boyle, Gabe Brazzeal, Diego Contreras, Alberto Echevarria, Mitchell Echevarria, Gabe Fernandez, Jake Garcia, Nick Hadley, Richard Harris, Jad Hatoum, Jacob Iacono, Michael Ibrahim, Gavin McMillon, Will Poynor, Kevin Rivera, Will Starr, Davis Swiger, Johnny Weir, and Evan Yockey

Intermediate Band
Keyyan Hatoum – clarinet; Tobin Swiger – trumpet; Gabriel Janer – trumpet; Rogan McLaughlin – tuba; Aiden Ewing – xylophone; John McClain – timpani; Jack Jabaut – percussion; Brady Jackson – keyboard; and Rafael Tionko – keyboard