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Sophomore Pin Ceremony

Sophomore Pin Ceremony

The left lapel buttonhole on the jackets of Jesuit's Class of 2023 are now adorned with the school pin following the Sophomore Pin Ceremony on Friday (Oct. 30).

At the start of the ceremony, Carmelo LoSauro '10, Jesuit's director of student activities, provided a history lesson about the school crest which is at the center of the school seal on each pin (see the description below the photos), and the meaning of the pin.

Jesuit president Fr. Richard C. Hermes, S.J. spoke to the sophomore class about this time in their Jesuit High School experience being a critical period of personal growth and development, before bestowing the blessing and distributing the pins.

See the photos below, and below that is the description of the meaning of the various elements of the Jesuit school seal.  


Jesuit High School - School Seal

• Fleur-de-lis – represent Jesuit High School’s connection to the New Orleans province, and the French Jesuits who originally founded the school.

• (top left) Slanted lines – represent the nobility and family lineage of St. Ignatius of Loyola; the seven bars were originally granted by the king of Spain to St. Ignatius’s ancestors for recognition of their bravery in battle

• (bottom right) Wolves – Two rampant gray wolves on both sides of a cooking pot; again from family crest of St. Ignatius. The name “Loyola” was a contraction of the words “Lobo y Olla” which literally meant “wolf and pot” in Spanish. The wolf was a symbol of nobility, and the entire design represented the generosity of the Loyola family towards their soldiers. According to family legend, the soldiers were so well-fed that there was enough left over to feed the wolves.

• (bottom left) Cow – the Jesuit Tampa legend is that when the campus moved to Himes Avenue in the 1950’s, this land was originally a cow pasture; a cow stuck its head in a classroom window; reality - the cow represents the city of Tampa’s vibrant livestock economy in the late 19th/early 20th century.

• (top right) – IHS – has one real meaning, multiple other misinterpretations; It does not stand for “Jesuit High School.” Real meaning - in Greek, the letters IHS (iota, eta, sigma) are the first three letters of Jesus’ name. When St. Ignatius founded the Society of Jesus, he adopted the IHS monogram in the seal of the society.

• (center) – Sacred Heart – Ignatius/Jesuit devotion to Sacred Heart of Jesus. Jesuit High School was originally Sacred Heart College.

• (bottom) – Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – AMDG – For the Greater Glory of God


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