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Rumors Has It

Rumors Has It
The Jesuit Masque production takes the stage this week

The Jesuit Masque’s spring production of Neil Simon’s "Rumors" opens this week. This 1980s-era comedy pokes fun at the materialism and duplicity that characterized the ‘80s, as four wealthy couples are stranded in a wild mess rife with social, political, and even legal consequences.

In other words, it’s hilarious. Directed by Masque moderator Richard Miller, the show stars Christian Pena ’15, Kyle Cansler ’16, Lucas Pasquier ’17, George Morgan ’18, and Alex Pena ’18, as well as Academy of the Holy Names students Lexi Nieto, Olivia Traud, Evelyn Martinez, Julia Barreto, and Gracie Hancock.

All performances are in the Multi-Purpsoe Room (MPR) at Jesuit. Shows are at 7:30pm on Thursday (April 23), Friday (April 24), and Saturday (April 25), as well as a 1:00pm matinee Saturday. Tickets are $5 and are available at the event, during 4th period lunch, and after school in the MPR.

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