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Jesuit High School president Fr. Richard C. Hermes, S.J. celebrated a special Mass in the Chapel of the Holy Cross on Thursday (May 11), during which 15 Jesuit students received Catholic sacraments, including nine who were baptized and six who were received into full communion with the Catholic Church.

The students were accompanied by their godparents and confirmation sponsors, typically either a close relative, friend, or Jesuit faculty member. Many more family and friends also were there to support them. Afterward at a reception in the Antinori Center for the Arts, they received gifts from Father Hermes and from the campus ministry department - director Jimmy Mitchell, assistant directors Thomas Killackey and Mr. Peter Bell, S.J., and department assistant Stephanie Georgiades. Campus ministry leads Jesuit's RCIA program – the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

Jesuit received special permission to celebrate these sacraments from the Diocese of St. Petersburg, and from the pastor of the parish in which Jesuit is located, Rev. Msgr. Mike Muhr of St. Lawrence Catholic Church. The 15 sacraments is the most celebrated during a single Mass at Jesuit.

Those who received sacraments on May 11 were:

Baptized – Dylan Bissett ’23, Evan Clark ’25, Logan Hardin ’25, Ronald Hardin ’24, Tristan Kelly ’26, Andrew Kozlowski ’25, Ronan Krummrich ’26, Clinton Pinder ’26, and Brady Simmons ’26.

Communion – Alex Campbell ’26, John Garrity ’26, Daniel Kortright ’23, Kristopher Pento ’26, Anthony Scardino ’24, and Brogan Spencer ’23.

Since 2010, a total of 104 students have been baptized or received into the Church at Jesuit, including 57 in the past three years, of which 36 will be students at Jesuit during the 2023-24 school year: Jackson Andrews ’24, Charlie Bardin ’24, Hayden Bunn ’24, Sean Corrigan ’24, Connor Dooly ’24, Jack Earnest ’24, Jack Fincher ’24, Jacob Hernandez ’24, Cooper Kasper ’24, Max Livingston ’24, Liam Maloney ’24, Michael Malzone ’24, Hunter Newton ’24, Reese Newton ’24, Michael Radcliff ’24, Teejay Weaver ’24, Drew Woodaz ’24, Reed Biemiller ’25, Jonathan Coleman ’25, Jordan Encinosa ’25, Landon Paolillo ’25, Nico Rivera ’25, Zayden Saldin ’25, and Geoffrey Torkelson ’25, in addition to Logan Hardin, Ronald Hardin, Scardino, Clark, Kozlowski, Campbell, Garrity, Kelly, Krummrich, Pento, Pinder, and Simmons.

For more photos from the May 11 RCIA Mass, click here for a photo slideshow (best viewed on a laptop or desktop), or go to the Facebook page Jesuit High School of Tampa.