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Philosophically Speaking

Philosophically Speaking
The Philosophy Club digs into life's big questions

With "The School of Athens" by famed Italian Renaissance artist Raphael lighting the big screen at the front of the room, and some of life’s big questions jotted on the white board, Jesuit's Philosophy Club continued exploring a few of history's great philosophical issues on Thursday morning (Jan. 15) in Room 107.

Founded this school year by theology teacher Chris Ragusa, who has two master’s degrees from the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology in Berkeley, Calif., the Philosophy Club has become a thinkspot on club days, where a group of students can further discern things such as "Meno" by Plato, a Socratic dialogue that attempts to determine the definition of excellence/virtue, or arête.

Among the budding philosophers who have engaged the club are Ben Brown ’16, Josh Heiman ’16, Jonathan Galvez ’16, Carter Pfost ’16, and Tyvan Deming ’17.

On Thursday at the Philosophy Club gathering Ragusa posited this: Are great people born, or can greatness be learned?

The consensus on this day? Using the achievement of greatness in basketball as a reference point, greatness is a combination of innate talent and a lot of practice.

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