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Perspectives: Spring 2023

Perspectives: Spring 2023

The Spring 2023 edition of Jesuit's Perspectives magazine has arrived! Click here to view the 44-page, 146-photo issue, filled with news and information about Jesuit High School from February through early May!

The main feature focuses on the phenomenal new Antinori Center for the Arts. Since its grand opening in March, the amazing Arts Center has made an immediate impact on Jesuit's Fine Arts, Music, and Theatre programs. The first theatrical performance, "Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood," debuted on the Shembekar Auditorium stage inside the new facility on March 30, the evening of the grand opening. During the annual Celebration of the Arts on April 23, the student artistic displays lined the hallways of the Antinori Center. And the extraordinary triptych created by renowned sacred artist Raul Berzosa, titled "The Jesuit Order and the Arts," was unveiled in the Antinori Center lobby during Celebration of the Arts. All of this is part of the 10-page main feature spread about the Antinori Center for the Arts in this issue of Perspectives.

The magazine also includes more than 30 updates in the Alumni in Action section; full two-page features on the Special Olympics, the Mission Drive, and Senior Day/the Senior-Alumni Luncheon; a Bequest Society story about Jim Compton '73; and the My Perspective piece is authored by Jesuit's longtime music director Nina Wegmann, who conducted the school's first music concert on the grand Shembekar Auditorum stage on April 29.

Click here to view the Spring 2023 edition of Perspectives, and hardcopy editions have printed and will arrive soon in mailboxes. Click here to go to the Jesuit website page with links to the past 30 issues of Perspectives.