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Jazz & Cinema: Spring Concert

Jazz & Cinema: Spring Concert

Jesuit High School's musicians performed a spectacular Spring Music Concert on May 2 inside the Antinori Center for the Arts.

The exceptional acoustics of the Shembekar Auditorium, combined with the talented musicians and conductors and mesmerizing songs dedicated to jazz and cinema, created a most memorable evening. (Go to the Facebook page Jesuit High School of Tampa for photos, and click here for the full concert video!)

An exciting new visual element elevated the experience: after intermission, the big screen on the grand stage behind the musicians featured footage from the musical selections. It included movie clips from "Whiplash" and "La La Land," a Pixar medley from movies such as "Ratatouille," "Cars," and "Toy Story," and dramatic scenes from the 1968 Academy Award winning "Romeo & Juliet," while the Jesuit orchestra performed those iconic soundtracks.

The closing number, "La La Land," brought the crowd to its feet, as Jesuit's John Philip Sousa Band Award recipient for 2023-24, Harry Hanes '24, played the lead piano on the Steinway. Earlier, James Slack ’24 gave a memorable performance on the Steinway of Piano Concerto No. 1 by Felix Mendelssohn.

Conducted by Jesuit music director Nina Wegmann and Adrian Quesada, the evening featured a total of 20 musical selections from Jesuit's Chamber Orchestra, Advanced Band, Advanced Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Choir, Intermediate Guitar Ensemble, and Beginning Band. See all of the songs listed below.

Intermittently throughout the concert, Wegmann presented special awards to seniors in the music program. Congratulations to the recipients:

Orchestra Director Award - James Slack and Max Rabenstein
National School Orchestra Award - Santiago Ramirez-Betancur
Band Director Award - Tito Borromeo
John Philip Sousa Band Award - Harry Hanes
Guitar Ensemble Director Award - Gabe Brazzeal
Percussion Ensemble Director Award - P.J. Hohman and Nate Wasylik
Music Dedication Medal Award - John Consuegra, Cooper Kasper, Wilson Zaritsky, Chancellor Haber 

The song selections from the Spring Music Concert, and below that is a full listing of musicians:

Da Pacem Domine, C. Gounod (1818-1893) - Jesuit Choir
Fly me to the Moon, B. Howard (1915-2004) - Jesuit Choir
Siciliana, J.S. Bach - Advanced Guitars
Keppel’s Delight, English Jig - Intermediate Guitars
Red River Valley Swing, Canadian Folk Song - Intermediate Guitars
Here Comes the Sun, G. Harrison - Intermediate Guitars
Time in a Bottle, J. Croce - Advanced & Intermediate Guitars,
     Vocal Solo - James Slack
Carry on My Wayward Son, Kansas - Advanced Guitars,
     Drum Set - Evan Yockey
Rush E, Sheet Music Boss - Advanced Guitars,
     Lead parts - Gabe Brazzeal, Jake Garcia, Evan Yockey,
     Will Poynor
March Across the Seas, B. Pearson (1942) - Beginning Band
Procession, G. F. Handel (1685-1759) - Beginning Band

Piano Concerto #1,
Movement 3, F. Mendelssohn - Jesuit Symphony,
     Piano solo - James Slack
Moment Musical, F. Schubert - Percussion Ensemble
Dublin Dance, M. Savage - Percussion Ensemble
Caravan, D. Ellington - Advanced Band, Soloists: Tito Borromeo
     (trombone), Cooper Vattamattam (clarinet), Bronson Carter (alto
     saxophone), John Mueller (trumpet)
Whiplash, H. Levy - Advanced Band, Bass Guitar - Ronan Krummrich,
     Drum Set - Cooper Kasper
Margaritaville, J. Buffett - Percussion Ensemble
Romeo and Juliet, N. Rota - Chamber Orchestra,
     Violin solo - Santiago Ramirez-Betancur, Oboe solo - A.J. Brazel
Pixar Movie Favorites, M. Brown - Jesuit Symphony
La La Land, J. Hurwitz - Jesuit Symphony, Choir,
     Trombone solo - Tito Borromeo, Trumpet solo - John Mueller,
     Lead piano - Harry Hanes


Chamber Orchestra
Daniel Dewey – 1st violin, Sean O’Leary – 2nd violin, Max Rabenstein – 1st violin**, Santiago Ramirez-Betancur – 1st violin*, Colin Shembekar – 2nd violin, James Slack – 1st violin, A.J. Brazel – oboe, Joseph Cusimano – keyboard, Layton Jennings – 3rd violin, Ronan Krummrich – string bass, Christopher McGuinness – cello, Garrett Smith - cello, William Wright - cello, Palmer Stablein - string bass, David Ramirez – 2nd violin

Advanced Band
Tito Borromeo – trombone*, Bronson Carter – alto saxophone, John Consuegra – alto saxophone, Harry Hanes – trumpet, keyboard**, Cooper Vattamattam – clarinet, Kevin Bethelmy – trumpet, Gabriel Janer – trumpet, Rhys Marriott – clarinet, John Mueller – trumpet, Evan Sfeir – trumpet, Gavin McMillon - baritone horn, Cooper Kasper – drum set

Advanced Guitar Ensemble
Gabe Brazzeal*, Jake Garcia**, Will Poynor, Evan Yockey, Jad Hatoum, Max Fechtel, Jaime Flores-Sanchez, Andrew Iler, Caiman Isley, Brody Martinez-Robinson, Diego Rodriguez

Percussion Ensemble
Chancellor Haber – snare drum, marimba, P.J. Hohman – tenor drum, vibraphone, drum set**, Nate Wasylik – bass drum, vibraphone, bass guitar*, Wilson Zaritsky – snare drum, marimba, bass guitar, Ryan Boyle – cymbals, Christian Diaz – bells, Bodhi McCullough – xylophone, Hayden Nunery – bass drum, marimba

Tenor I - David Miranda*, Emmanuel Chiaku, Juan Amador, Trip Henry
Tenor II - Jason Thrower***, Evan Voor, Ryder Fogler, Thomas Hollenkamp
Bass - Harry Hanes**, Michael Bohinick, Vince Vardijan, David D’Angelo

Intermediate Guitar Ensemble
Austin Boyle, Elias Costa, Connor DeGance, Teddy Figueroa, Sam Garmendia, Tripp Keller, Gavin Kuo, Mark Sierra,
Paul Vander Wel

Beginning Band
Clarinet - Vincent Garcia, Stefano Guggino, Jackson Jennis, Ramil Muraharisetti, Ricardo Prieto, Joseph Scott, Justin Slack, Sully Thaxton
Alto Saxophone - Jaeger Bedford, Grant Henderson, Christian Lennerth, Charlie Thompson, Trip Brannagan, Brady Santo
Tenor Saxophone - John Castellanos, Jack Fishco
Trumpet - Jonaven Broadbent, Tiernan Clements, Oliver Fogarty, Kenny Kane
Mellophone - Michael Kuhn, Baron McVety, Wilson Marcum
French Horn - Lukas Duffy
Trombone - Thomas Beard, Shane Ford, Luis de la Torre, Noah Wallder, Reid Yakes
Baritone - Gavin McMillon
Tuba - Ben Beavers, Brock Glover


* ensemble president, ** ensemble vice president, *** ensemble secretary