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Spring Musical: "Into the Woods"

Spring Musical: "Into the Woods"

The Jesuit Masque performed the classic musical "Into the Woods" this weekend (April 18-20) inside Shembekar Auditorium, receiving glowing reviews! 

The acclaimed Broadway hit, directed and produced by Jesuit's theater director, Richard Miller, and with music by the legendary Stephen Sondheim, featured four shows over the three days inside the Antinori Center for the Arts.

A veteran group of award-winning thespians created one of the school's most dynamic and memorable Spring Performances. The ensemble cast included David Miranda '25 as The Baker, Aedan Gregory '24 as The Mysterious Man, Diego Garcia '25 as Jack, Kai Gibron '24 as Cinderella’s Prince, Harry Hanes '24 as Rapunzel’s Prince, and Mason Marmino '24 as The Wolf, as well as Rowan Miller (AHN) as The Baker’s Wife, Katelyn Micko (Calvary Christian) as The Witch, Jullian Martinez '27 as The Narrator, Reagan Miller (AHN) as Cinderella, Catalina Salgado (AHN) as Little Red Riding Hood, Bella Otte (AHN) as Jack’s Mother, and Aydan Sullivan (AHN) as Rapunzel. (View the entire cast & crew beneath the photos below.

"Into the Woods" intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm fairy tales, exploring the consequences of the characters' wishes and quests. The main characters are taken from Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and several others.

"Into the Woods" is the latest in a revival of musicals at Jesuit. Two years ago, the Masque's Spring Performance of "Little Shop of Horrors" was the school's first musical in nearly a quarter century. Click here to view a preview video of "Into the Woods" featuring interviews with the cast and crew

View photos from "Into the Woods" below, and below that is a listing of the entire cast and crew!






















The Baker – David Miranda '25
The Baker’s Wife – Rowan Miller (AHN)
The Witch – Katelyn Micko (Calvary Christian)
Narrator – Jullian Martinez '27
Mysterious Man – Aedan Gregory '24
Cinderella – Reagan Miller (AHN)
Little Red Riding Hood – Catalina Salgado (AHN)
Jack – Diego Garcia '25
Jack’s Mother – Bella Otte (AHN)
Rapunzel – Aydan Sullivan (AHN)
Cinderella’s Prince – Kai Gibron '24
Rapunzel’s Prince – Harry Hanes '24
The Wolf – Mason Marmino '24
Cinderella’s Stepmother – Aurora Stukey (Robinson HS)
Florinda – Sofia Micko (TC)
Lucinda – Lauren Rordam (AHN)
Cinderella’s Father – Simon Wills '24
Cinderella’s Mother – Avery Maxwell (AHN)
Steward – Ben Smith '25
Granny – Isabella Zerrate (AHN)
Milky White/The Giant – Giuliana Seise (AHN)
Ensemble: Gabriella Brock (TC), Sofia Genco (AHN), Siena Italiano (homeschool)



Produced and Directed by
Richard Miller

Music Direction by
Adrian Quesada, Kelley Miller

Choreography by
Reagan Miller

Set Design by
Richard Miller

Prop Design by
Garrett Boyes

Sound Designed and Operated by
Ian Higgins

Lighting Designed and Operated by
Will Harrell

Costume Design by
Ma’Ckari Johnson, Katelyn Micko

Cinderella’s ballgown designed and crafted by
Marissa George

Publicity Design by
Ben Smith, Kelley Miller

Fine Arts Facility Manager
Keith Woodard



Stage Manager/Fly Operator: Albert Gutierrez
Asst. Stage Manager/Construction Crew Chief: Nick Bush
Asst. Stage Manager/Prop Master: Garrett Boyes
Spot Light Operators: Jacob Khalil, Jacob McFarland
Puppet Construction: Giuliana Seise
Costume Crew: Daylen Cartwright, Robert Davis, Sofia Genco, Emily McClelland, Katelyn Micko, Amanda Stephens
Running Crew: Layla Evans, Bryce Holeman, Andy Kozlowski, Graham Wills, Luke Wills
Parent Volunteer Coordinators: Jeanne Gregory, Gwen Kozlowski
Advertisement Coordinator: Kelley Miller
House Management: Austin Blewitt, Owen Durkee, James Slack
Set/Prop Construction, Rigging, and Painting:
Garrett Boyes, Gabriella Brock, Daylen Cartwright, Jason Bush, Nick Bush, Pamela Bush, Robert Davis, Kai Gibron, Aedan Gregory, Ian Higgins, Bryce Holeman, Siena Italiano, Ma’Ckari Johnson, Mason Marmino, Avery Maxwell, Katelyn Micko, Sofia Micko, Kelley Miller, Reagan Miller, Rowan Miller, Karen Micko, Katelyn Micko, Sofia Micko, Bella Otte, Lauren Rordam, Catalina Salgado, Aurora Stukey, Donovan Terry, Graham Wills, Luke Wills, Simon Wills,
Isabella Zerrate