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Eight Jesuit High School students in French 1, 2, and 3 earned medals in the 2016 Grand Concours, the French National Contest, and 11 Jesuit students total were honored, French teacher Ann Phillips announced.

Earning the highest honor, a Gold Medal, was Matthew Tamashiro ’18 in French 2.

Earning Silver Medals in the exam were Thierry Moliere ’18 (French 2) and William Yount ’17 (French 3).

Five students earned Bronze Medals: Kyler Waldron ’17 and Hector Rizo ’17 in French 3, and Christian Egli ’19, Ben Kyle ’19, and Ian Stahley ’19 in French 1.

In addition, three students received Honorable Mention honors for their test results: Conor Lowman ’17, Harrison Sauter ’18, and Kyle Kowalski ’19.

Seven of the eight medalists are pictured in the homepage photo and below along with Phillips. Front row, L-R: Tamashiro, Stahley, Kyle, Egli. Back row, L-R: Rizo, Yount, Waldron.

Missing from the homepage photo is Moliere, who is pictured below:


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