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Discernment Retreat in Texas

Discernment Retreat in Texas

Last weekend (Jan. 12-15) in Texas at Strake Jesuit's retreat center, four Jesuit High School students were among 44 students from 11 Jesuit high schools throughout the Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province who participated in the 3rd annual High School Discernment Retreat.

Discernment is the process by which we discover God's will for us and our vocation. Discernment involves all the experiences of our lives — how God has called and formed us. Marvin Martirez '24, Javier Mendez '24, Noah Choe '25, and Carlos Lamoutte '25 further discerned God's call during their time at this special retreat. Martirez also participated in this same retreat a year ago.

Strake's Retreat and Leadership Center is located in Leona, Texas, near Houston. Among the Jesuits serving at the retreat were three with connections to Jesuit High School in Tampa: Mr. Peter Bell, S.J., who is a math teacher and assistant director of campus ministry at Jesuit (he is pictured in the middle of the top photo below), and Jesuit alumni Mr. Justin Kelley, S.J. '14 (currently at St. Louis U. High) and Mr. Jeff Miraflor, S.J. '13 (Jesuit New Orleans), who are both pictured in the bottom photo below.

Marvin Martirez '24, Javier Mendez '24, Mr. Peter Bell, S.J., Noah Choe '25, and Carlos Lamoutte '25


Mr. Justin Kelley, S.J. '14, Martirez, Mendez, Choe, Lamoutte, and Mr. Jeff Miraflor, S.J. '13