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Creative Hunger

Creative Hunger
Jesuit club profile: Don't Feed the Artists

Formed in 2011 by Kevin Ball ’03, the head of Jesuit High School’s Art Department, Don’t Feed the Artists (DFTA) is the school’s very active, endearingly named, multi-discipline art club.

DFTA is an open studio for Jesuit students (it has about 25 current members) to foster their creative side in a stress-free setting. The open-door policy from 7:00am to 4:30pm provides an opportunity to work in a studio environment, with professional quality materials and guidance, any time there is an available seat or easel.

All are welcome regardless of grade, talent level, experience, or preferred art discipline. The club offers student-generated “classes” in all mediums, including traditional painting and drawing, 3D sculpture, digital art, and photography.

DFTA also is involved with many other Jesuit clubs, creating logos, designs, posters, etc., and serves the school through major annual events such as Gaudiosa and the Mission Drive.

DFTA’s talents shined on Feb. 28 at Gaudiosa 2015: An Evening in Venice. At the event (which is Jesuit’s award-winning annual fundraising gala), a gorgeous 24-by-8 foot, DFTA-created Venetian mural generated a buzz amongst the more than the 600 guests. It was a favorite photo backdrop and highlight of the spectacular setting for the event.

Among the club’s most active members are president Brendan Rouge ’15 (painting and drawing), vice president Cole Fisher ’15 (painting and drawing), Calvin Scott ’16 (photography, digital art), Cade Mascarinas ’17 (drawing), Justin Sanchez ’17 (illustration), Rhett Broz ’17 (drawing), Austin Smith ’17 (drawing), Derose Brutus ’18 (illustration, 3D design) and Diego Perez-Aracena ’18 (painting and drawing).

Please view the photo slideshow below of DFTA in action:




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