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Career Day

Career Day

Juniors and seniors engaged in expert presentations from distinguished alumni and other accomplished professionals during Jesuit High School’s annual Career Day on March 8.

A total of 40 presenters (including 30 alumni) spanning a vast range of vocations enriched the students throughout the morning in small-group sessions on campus. Every junior and senior participated in four 35-minute presentations.

The sessions included careers such as Education (Dr. Shawn Bingham '94), Judicial/Law (Hon. Sam Salario '88 and Rob Genders '88), Banking (Joe Caballero '86 and Henry Gonzalez '86), Orthopedic Medicine (Dr. Michael Garcia '95), and the Arts (Dr. Jose Rodeiro '67), as well as various Engineering fields (electrical, environmental, structural), Sports careers (agent, broadcasting, marketing, management), and much more.

(Homepage photo: Joie Chitwood '87, COO of International Speedway Corp., which owns/manages Daytona International Speedway along with 12 other racetracks and many racing related entities, speaking at Convocation during Career Day. Chitwood also presented during three small-group sessions.)

Thank you to all who participated in Career Day, for giving their time and sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Below is a photo slideshow from Career Day, and below that is the full list of presenters.

First NameLast NameClass YearProfession
B.B. Abbott   Sports Agent
Trevor Adams 2010 Law Enforcement
Dr. Shawn Bingham 1994 Education
Tony Butcher   Engineering - Environmental
Joe Caballero 1986 Banking
Dennis Carr 1987 Architecture
Joie Chitwood 1987 Sports Management
HC Sheriffs     Law Enforcement
Jack Compton 2007 Insurance
Noel Cruz 1993 Restaurateur
Chris Diaz 1985 Finance
Mike Dominguez 1997 Engineering - Structural
Todd Fultz 1992 Construction
Dr. Michael Garcia 1995 Medical - Orthopedic
Rob Genders 1988 Law / Judicial
Henry Gonzalez 1986 Banking
Ken Hagan   Government Affairs
Jeff Hahn 1984 Engineering - Electrical
Jordan Hiller 2008 Business Development
Scott Hirshorn 1987 Business - Equity Trading
Judd Hobgood 1996 Marketing/Sales - Medical
Mike Kavouklis 2008 Insurance
Ryan Lowrey 2008 Aviation
Chris Lucas Dir. of Institutional Planning Construction
Nelson Luis 1988 Sports Marketing
Bridget Morello   Engineering - Environmental
Kevin O'Donnell   Sports Broadcasting
Skipper Peek 1976 Real Estate
Mike Perotti 1990 Law Enforcement
Dave Peterson   Architecture
Sierra Petrone   Marine Biology
Dr. Matt Rasmussen 2004 Dentistry
Ray Roa 2003 Journalism / Advertising
Dr. Jose Rodeiro 1967 Arts
Hon. Sam Salario 1988 Law / Judicial
Dr. Farid Saleh   Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Bryan Thatcher 2004 Dentistry
Larry Tillman 1994 Aviation
Kris Wiebeck 2001 Finance
Patrick Younger 2009 IT - Cyber Security
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