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Advanced Placement: Highest Honors

Advanced Placement: Highest Honors

Jesuit High School excelled in Advanced Placement (AP) testing in May, with an 84.1% pass rate and 81 students recognized as an “AP Scholar with Distinction” for meeting AP’s highest criteria for their test scores and number of exams taken.

With so many Jesuit students excelling in AP testing, it should come as no surprise that the school has recently received the highest honors in two new categories for recognition. The College Board, which operates the AP testing program, recently created new recognition measurements for schools, and Jesuit was honored with the highest award status: AP Platinum with Access.

The AP Access Award recognizes Jesuit for “the percent of AP exam takers who are underrepresented minorities or low-income mirroring the demographics of the school. … proportional to or above the school’s student population, demonstrating a clear and effective commitment to equitable access to advanced coursework.”

This is reflected in the 30 current Jesuit students who recently received one of two special honors from the College Board: the National African American Recognition Award (NAARA) and the National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA). These students (their names are listed below) were recognized for their achievement in multiple metrics, including AP exam testing, other standardized testing, and classroom GPA.

To achieve the AP Platinum Award half of the “AP Platinum with Access” recognition, Jesuit students collectively exceeded three specific criteria in AP testing, and they did so resoundingly. For example, one criterion for AP Platinum status is “college optimization,” and it measures a school’s percent of graduating students who had taken 5 or more AP exams total with at least one of those as a freshman or sophomore. Needing 15% in the “college optimization” criterion to meet the threshold for Platinum status, Jesuit’s Class of 2023 had 48% – more than 3x the number needed.

Please view below the names of all 81 Jesuit students honored this summer as AP Scholars with Distinction, as well as the 30 current students who recently received NAARA and NHRA honors.

Congratulations to the Jesuit students and faculty for these outstanding recognitions, and their dedication to academic excellence.


Matthew Abboud '23, Cam Bailey '23, Dylan Bissett '23, Alex Bossio '23, Andre Botero '23, Kyle Boyes '23, Mark Chenouda '23, Colin Creadon '23, Matthew Dolan '23, Andrew Dolski '23, Anthony Donnelly '23, Shane Donnelly '23, Sam Forman '23, Brayden Hohman '23, Caiden Hyer '23, Robert Johnson '23, Ben Kantor '23,  Daniel Kortright '23, Logan Lange '23, Ayden Lee '23,  Marc Mejia '23, Christopher Newcom '24, Shane Oliva '23, Ryan O'Sullivan '23, Kai Rodrigues '23, Brian Rumsey '23, Carmine Sebastiano '23, Jude Soriano '23, Adam Stafford '23, Will Starr '23, Reese Stichter '23,  Chris Tan '23, John Trinh '23, Luke Turner '23, Daniel Tweed '23, Jack Uteg '23, Luke Wagers '23, Felix Widlacki '23, Collin Williams '23, Joshua Williams '23. 

Jackson Andrews '24, Gus Baier '24, Charles Bardin '24, Wes Baum '24, Gabe Brazzeal '24, Drew Campbell '24, Brady Cronin '24, Alex Freund '24, Tristan Garcia '24, Ethan Hahn '24, Jackson Hahn '24, James Hanna '24, Tyler Henry '24, Jacob Hernandez '24, Fay Herrero '24, Robert Heydrich '24, Samuel Jacobs '24, Michael Jacolow '24, Stephen Janicki '24, Thomas Karottukunnel '24, Cooper Kasper '24, Christopher Kelly '24, Derek Lezama '24, Max Livingston '24, Dean Lucas '24, Chris Margetis '24, Kyle Matheny '24, Diego Mejia '24, Carlos Pasquotto '24, Nathan Reich '24, Eric Rein '24, Dominic Rossi '24, Max Schellman '24, Robert Sheets '24, Matthew Silva '24, James Slack '24, Jonathan Szponar '24, Paul Tanis '24, Diego Tobon '24, Tyler Tyson '24, Simon Wills '24.


Matias Barrenechea '24 (NHRA), Bowen Bunch '25 (NHRA), Will Burke '24 (NHRA), Ryan Burriesci '25 (NAARA)  Landon Cannaday '25 (NHRA), Nicolas Cubas '24 (NHRA), Daniel Dewey '25 (NHRA), Gary Dove '24 (NHRA), Alexander Fernandez '25 (NHRA), Eugene Fernandez '24 (NHRA), Nicholas Fogarty '24 (NHRA), Michael Galiani '25 (NHRA), Logan Hardin '25 (NAARA), Ronald Hardin '24 (NAARA), Landen Lee '25 (NHRA), Brayden McAnally '24 (NHRA), Diego Mejia '24 (NHRA), Oscar Olivera '25 (NHRA), Julian Parker '24 (NAARA, NHRA), Carlos Pasquotto '24 (NHRA), Ronak Pestana '25 (NHRA), Kaden Plummer '24 (NAARA), Eric Rein '24 (NHRA), Max Schellman '24 (NHRA), James Slack '24 (NHRA), Tristan Stavish '24 (NHRA), Jonathan Szponar '24 (NHRA), Mason Torres '24 (NHRA), Cooper Vattamattam '25 (NHRA), Terry Weaver '24  (NAARA, NHRA).