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Anne Frank Award

Anne Frank Award

Chancellor Haber '24 receives the humanitarian honor from the Holocaust Museum

Chancellor Haber '24 was sitting in Convocation on Wednesday (April 12) with 800+ of his Jesuit High School brothers inside the Chapel of the Holy Cross, listening to Rose Rosen of the Florida Holocaust Museum speaking about the Anne Frank Humanitarian Award.

Then Rosen announced this year's recipient of the award: Haber.

A somewhat stunned Haber – "I had no idea," he said – stepped forward to receive the honor, which he earned for his passionate service to Hope Children's Home and his work with them last summer in Honduras, where he translated between doctors who didn't speak Spanish and local children, saying about the experience, "I was able to feel God's presence the entire trip."

Haber, who is on the wrestling team and is a pole vaulter for Jesuit track & field, also serves in the Student Service Program with the Ryan Nece Foundation.

Click for video of the Anne Frank Humanitarian Award presentation, and below is a list of recent Anne Frank recipients from Jesuit.

Previous Jesuit recipients:

  • Grant Creedican ’23
  • Jonah Tran ’22
  • Jorel De Guzman ’21
  • Spencer Farfante ’20
  • Phillip Thompson ’19
  • Kyle Erickson ’18
  • Chandler Rodriguez ’17