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Acing the Test

Acing the Test

Jesuit High School and the Class of 2017 performed better than ever on college entrance standardized tests – the ACT and SAT – last school year.

The ACT figures are a strong measure for comparison since the scoring system hasn’t changed in recent years. Last year's ACT results equaled or exceeded Jesuit’s best-ever scores across the board.

The Class of 2017 established the highest average composite ACT score in Jesuit annals (27.4), as well as new highs in English (27.9), Reading (28.9), and Science (27.3) averages. In Math, the Class of 2017 matched Jesuit’s record high average of 26.9.

Since 2008, Jesuit’s composite average on the ACT has gone up more than two points (see chart below).

On the SAT, Jesuit’s 2017 averages of 640 in English and 630 in Math (and the 1270 total) are considered the best in school history. However, recent changes to the SAT scoring system make it difficult to make direct comparisons to previous years.

Jesuit High School - ACT results
subject '17 '16 '08
English 27.9 27.5 25.0
Math 26.9 26.9 25.6
Reading 28.9 28.0 25.9
Science 27.3 26.7 24.6
Compos. 27.4 27.0 25.3
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